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  • Sunny Slope


    Named after one of Idaho’s best wine trails! This deep magenta is one to make a toast to!

  • Black No. 1 Beard Oil

    5.00 out of 5

    Our former limited edition.  Aggressively scented with leather, musk, and hints of black pepper.  Fitting for a suit and tie in…

  • Fram-Boise

    From: $3.00
    5.00 out of 5

    Inspired by Idaho! Framboise: French for raspberry. Fram-Boise: Raspberry from Boise! Deep and shimmery raspberry.

  • Post-shave and Face Lotion

    3.00 out of 5

    A lightweight lotion featuring aloe to soothe your skin after a shave and hydrate your face without clogging pores.  A…

  • Pomade

    3.67 out of 5

    Water-based pomade for strong hold and a natural light shine. Easily washes out and can be restyled with just water.…

    Out of stock
  • Cuticle oil

    5.00 out of 5

    A blend of Babassu, Hemp, Almond, Jojoba and lanolin oils to repair and protect your cuticles. Lighty scented with lavender…

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  • My new favorite cuticle oil! Easy to apply and fast absorbing. Has a light natural smell to it that I love! Wouldn’t change a thing

    Cuticle Oil Hailey H

  • I can’t say enough good things about this shave soap. Being bald and shaving my head on a regular basis can prove to be frustrating because there are so many manufacturers that really don’t care about what they are putting into their product. Wading through rash and dry skin causing soap can be expensive and irritating. Only so many times the Boss will accept wearing a hat to work because of snake scalp. This soap smells amazing. Not a heavy scent, soft enough that after shaving the smell is only surface deep. Great lather. Fantastic glide. Truly a wonderful Artisanal […]

    Shave Soap Scott Shaw

  • Smells wonderful and last hours. Pairs wonderfully with the Gentleman Jim Beard Builder and/or the home run combo of the GJ shave soap and Post-shave face lotion. (I probably have about 50 soaps on hand and I’ve tried hundreds of soaps and theirs is in my top ten favs, but that’s another review.) Definitely check out their Beard Builder or the shave soaps and post-shave lotions, they are wonderful too! I couldn’t be happier!

    Bay Rum Cologne G Glaeser

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