Dame Nail Shades

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  • Protocol Droid

    From: $3.00

    Star Wars Inspired! Polished C3P0 would be totally jealous. Sheer with one coat, super saturated metallic with layers.

  • Pearl

    From: $3.00

    Beautiful shimmery white. Like a frosted pearl!

  • Siren

    From: $3.00

    Sound the alarm! This sexy Siren is a hot, retro red that's sure to light your fire!

  • Sure Would

    From: $3.00
    5.00 out of 5

    Not for damsels in distress! Sure Would is a forest green with a velvet, shimmery finish. It's a thing of…

  • Poppy

    From: $3.00

    This happy orange has a slight sheen and gold undertones- perfect for sunny weather!

  • Cocomoco

    From: $3.00

    Deep chocolate with a sugary finish. Sexy and sophisticated.

  • Bantha

    From: $3.00

    You don't have to travel to Tatooine for this milky Bantha blue! This saturated shade will satisfy your craving for…

  • Newsie

    From: $3.00

    Both professional and chic, this midtone gray has an ever-so-slight tiny sparkle.

  • Not Your (Mer)maid

    From: $3.00

    Don't mistake this soft shade, Not Your (Mer)maid has some serious shimmer!┬áMetallic sparkle gives the perfect finish to this sassy…

  • Bumble

    From: $3.00

    Bumble is as white as the snow! This pure color has a very light glimmer finish - just like the…

  • Maize

    From: $3.00

    Hello, Fall! Maize is a saturated autumn gold that will leaf (get it?) your fingers ready for the harvest!

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