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One Bar of Soap to rule them all.  Great for Hair, Face, Body, and Shave.  Exfoliating edge to scrub the grime off.   No artificial colors or additives.  Our white bar features our family bay rum scent.  The Black No. 1 charcoal bar uses muskwood, black pepper, and leather essence for an aggressive scent.



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We created a bar of soap to replace all those tubes, cans, and bottles you have in your bathroom.  This bar of soap will cleanse every part of your body and leave your skin and hair clean and soft.  Great for getting the grime out of your beard.  Whip it with a shave brush to create a thick shaving foam.  Great for travel, deployments, and camping.

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Weight .26 lbs

Bay Rum Bar, Black No. 1 Bar

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    I love the black #1 bar. It smells awesome!

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